Smart Solutions for

Smart Retail

  •   In-store Marketing
  •   Proximity Marketing
  •   Location Based
  •   Store Operations
  •   Merchandising Analytics
  •   Customer Analytics
  •   Omni Channel
  •   Retail Dashboards

In-Store Marketing

Increase shopper engagement by creating an Immediate impact

  • Capture the shoppers in-store journey
  • Create effective Retail Window Displays
  • Drive shopper engagement with mobile centric, personalized in-store marketing

Proximity Marketing

Catapulting Retail Marketing to a whole new level

  • The one stop Proximity Marketing Solution
  • Triggering more in-store purchases & traffic with Tickto Proximity Sensors
  • Maximise ROI by utilizing comprehensive customer insights

Location Based Services

Connecting with your shoppers at the right places at the right time

  • Detect customer location with Geofencing
  • Interact with the customers in the vicinity via Location-Based Marketing
  • Enable Customer Convenience with Indoor Navigation

Store Operations

Attaining true customer-centricity in retail operations

  • Optimize staff rosters for improved store operations
  • A 'Virtual' view of the overall store performance & trends
  • Foster Customer Service by reducing 'Out of Stocks'

Merchandising Analytics

Comprehensive Insights enhancing Merchandising Effectiveness

  • Decode Product Affinity on the shelves
  • Formulate productive Assortment & Merchandising Strategies
  • Visualize the in-store customer behavior
  • Validate the effectiveness of Retail Window Displays
  • Entice Customers with Dynamic Pricing strategies

Customer Analytics

Maximizing Profit by personalizing the Shopper Journey

  • Increase Engagement levels across channels
  • Extend the overall basket value during real and virtual footfall
  • Expand Cross Category and Cross Brand Purchases
  • Reduce churn rate and regain customer loyalty


Converging the digital and physical worlds in retail

  • Enhance the omnichannel experience by seamlessly integrating online activities in-store
  • Devise effective omnichannel marketing strategies
  • Attribute product sales & returns to the appropriate channel

Retail Dashboards

Analyze & Visualize Data for Informed Decision Making

  • Executive Dashboard
  • Retail Analysis Dashboard
  • Marketing Campaign & Promotion Dashboard
  • E-Commerce Dashboard

How it Works

how it works


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with tickto ...
  • Low Cost of Deployment
    Deliver a 50X+ cost improvement over existing solutions
  • Enhanced Store or Brand loyalty
    Patent-pending, unique algorithms providing decision-making analytics
  • Protect Consumer Privacy
    Opt-in, or can be Completely Anonymous & Aggregated Data Sets
  • Easy deployment and Installation
    Plug & Play Devices
  • No router needed
  • Higher Accuracy of Location
    Real-time CloudOS™, utilizes unique cloud-based
    signal processing & machine learning algorithms
  • Can Determine a Customer
    Path to Purchase based on personalized
    and richer in-store experience
  • Higher Data Set
    Capture > 90% of visitor movement
  • Enhanced visitor engagement
    Enhanced store or brand loyalty via gamification
    & real-time promotions
  • No Manual Counting Required
~ or tick-tack-too, tic-tac-toe, tit-tat-toe
[ tik-tak-toh ]
1. ~ also known as Noughts and crosses or Xs and Os A branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the searching of game trees. It is straightforward to write a computer program to play Tic-tac-toe perfectly, to enumerate the 765 essentially different positions (the state space complexity), or the 26,830 possible games up to rotations and reflections (the game tree complexity) on this space.