Digital Displays – ‘The Retail Store of Tomorrow’

For quite some time till now and for a long time to come, an enhanced 'customer shopping experience' is what will be the main force driving conversions for retailers. In this highly influential online world, there is still enough room for offline retailers to make customers stand up and take notice. According to a survey by POP Advertising Institute, 67% of purchase decsions are made in-store. It's an interactive world today and therefore the crux lies in making the information about various products and services available to customers in the most appealing way but at the same time being contextual is the key. Digital Displays in Retail is an important facet that helps retailers provide interactive content for today's interactive customers and will continue to do so in the time to come. Let us take a look at the latest developments and adoptions in modern day retail.


Virtual Mirror:


Augmented Reality is the phrase that has been creating a lot of buzz in the retail sphere off late. Customer Personalization has reached a whole new level altogether with the development of virtual mirrors. Interactive dressing rooms and make up zones these days are a bit different from the dresing rooms of the past.


Customers are just required to stand infront of a mirror and by the mere touch of a button, they can try anything on in whatever pattern and color they think fit. The virtual mirror has a camera that detects the individual infront of it. It then scans the figure and movements of the person and reproduces the same on the mirror. One can now try on 10 shirts in a matter of minutes without having to run around the store to find them or seeking help from the store employees. Additional perks involve social sharing, size recommendations, etc. Top Retailers like Rebecca Minkoff, Prada, Metropark, etc are soon expected to resort to virtual mirrors

Immersive Displays:


Product showcasing now has become more attractive than ever before. Immersive displays like the ones provided by Perch is more than just impressive. Suppose a store has various products like shoes, cameras, etc on the display table. A projector highlights all the products on the table by lighting them up which are surrounded by static frames.

( image credit – perchinteractive.com )

All that the customer has to do in order to get information on the product is just touch it. On just the mere touch, several buttons appear on the table for that particular product. On tapping the buttons, the customer can have access to various things like product overview, reviews, AV stories, etc. The customer can attain the necessary information and make his purchase choice accordingly. Immersive displays totally engages the customer and easily enhances his overall shopping experience.


Clothing To-Go Windows:

Clothing -to-Go Window
(image: instyle.com )

The eventual objective of Bloomingdale's Manhattan store was to convert individuals casually passing by the store into paying customers to drive conversions on the occasion of Father's Day. Six Interactive Window Displays of Ralph Lauren Clothing were fitted. Potential shoppers passing by had the option of choosing various color swatches on the touchscreen that was installed facing the sidewalk. The chosen color would materialize into a shirt, tie or pant behind the window. If the customers wanted to purchase something, all they would have to do is text 'POLO' in order to have access to the link that would lead them to the checkout page where they would just have to choose the delivery mode. This completely engaged the customers and helped in creating instant impulse. Shoppers could now buy things without practically entering the store. This is surely a concept for the future.


Other Innovative Digital Display Adoptions


  • Tommy Hilfiger have installed a digital showroom in the Amsterdam office. A touchscreen on the table is linked to a video wall where people can easily view every item that is there in the store. Customers can place custom orders as a result and according to TH, within a few years most of tehir stores worldwide will be equipped with this technology.

  • UK sandwich stores like EAT have adopted digital menu displays which enables them to change the content displayed on the board instantly. This allows them to trial new products in specific stores without much of a fuss.

  • The Canadian Retailer, renowned as Canadian Tire have laid emphasis on creating the complete digitally enabled store. The 140,000 square-foot store in Edmonton has been incorporated with more than 100 digital screens, most of which are interactive. This includes a car simulator, tire test driver, etc.

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