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The introduction of latest technology is transforming the retail providing the shoppers with a new line of in-store engagement, where retailers can predict shopping trend of the customers, when they are in the store and push promotional message depending on their daily needs. This innovative, personalized purchase has not only simplified the shopping scenario in
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big data in retail

Big and small and medium enterprises (SME) in 2016 are using Retail Analytics to drive sales and provide an excellent customer support service to its patrons. This need increase with the growing size of the super competitive market and customer's access to unlimited data sources. So, now the prime target of the market is to
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Predictive Analytics

Big Data Analytics now have a significant impact on Retail, simply because it goes a long way in helping Retailers – big and small – to provide customized shopping experiences to their customers. Gone are the days when personalized shopping was limited only to elite shoppers. With big data and in-store personalization, all retailers out
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big data analytics