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For retailers, data is everything today. From customer analytics and inventory management to providing personalized offers and attaining customer loyalty, it serves all purposes. The primary aim of retailers is to attain higher revenue and provide the best possible experience to the customers. Today, data is leveraged for maximum outcome by many retailers. For this
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The role and prevalence of Internet of things in retail (IoT) is on the rise and will be for a good time to come. Retailers are looking to connect almost everything to the internet these days. They are constantly on the lookout for elevating the in-store experience of customers by driving their levels of convenience
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Even a few years before, retailers were facing a tough challenge when it came to analyzing customer store insight. To capture a better view of customer in-store behavior, several tracking technologies are being adopted by the retailers. This allows retailers to understand the traffic pattern into their store, empower in-store marketing, schedule store operation, manage
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