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Customer Service has and will always be an integral part of retail operations. Sadly, retailers have kind of forgotten this in recent times. In the quest for maximizing sales and enhancing the in-store experience of the customers, retailers have provided a lot of emphasis on latest in-store technologies. Although technology saves customers a lot of
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The Global CPG environment scenario has changed quite a bit. Different countries are witnessing unique trends depending on a variety of factors. A trend of slow consumer spending is associated in developed markets such as in the US and Europe. The main reasons include the fall in birth rates and stagnant wages for a quite
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Today, when competition is highly aggressive, one of the primary goals of all Brick-and-Mortar Retailers is building customer loyalty. That’s because it is easier to retain your existing customers than obtaining new ones. What is customer loyalty? How retailers can build it? In the ever-evolving competitive world of retail, the importance of evaluating in-store performance
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