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It’s convenience galore when it comes to online shopping. The proposition of going down to the store and spending an evening on shopping does not excite everyone today. Why should it, when acquiring the favorite products are just a few clicks away? Yet, nobody can vouch that brick-and-mortar is dead. Well, there are many things
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in-store engagement

Customer Service has and will always be an integral part of retail operations. Sadly, retailers have kind of forgotten this in recent times. In the quest for maximizing sales and enhancing the in-store experience of the customers, retailers have provided a lot of emphasis on latest in-store technologies. Although technology saves customers a lot of
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Despite the massive rise of online retail in recent times, Brick-and-Mortar have somehow managed to hold its’ own. With the worst phase gone, things are now again looking bright for offline retail. An in-flux of advanced levels of technology in-store along with the growing relevance of omnichannel retailing has meant that the focus is well
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