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Brick-and-Mortar retail has certainly under-achieved in the recent past and all that needs to change soon for it to harmoniously survive. E-commerce has been a huge hit, and credit needs to go to the exceedingly customized and personalized marketing strategies that customers have been subjected to on a consistent basis. Brick-and-Mortar stores certainly need to
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in-store marketing

You have a large Retail store, a Brick-and-Mortar one, with a plethora of products to sell. From fresh vegetables, fruits, grocery items, kitchen utensils, baby products, toiletries, beauty products for women, books and DVDs, and what not! Though you have every product for your customers under one roof, sales figures are not that impressive. You
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retail analytics

Traditional physical stores are finally getting the required technology boost to meet the changing demands of modern-day smartphone using customers. Even when tech-savvy shoppers are looking for products in a physical store, on-the-fly data is extremely significant for pampering your buyers with a custom shopping experience. Customers need to know exactly what personalized retail offers
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